A Week of me on Cut Out +Keep!

one of the coolest sites ever!

one of the coolest sites ever!

You know that feeling you get when you’ve been noticed? And I mean noticed in a good way; not like when you trip on an invisible pebble and fall slow motion face first into the sidewalk. No, the kind of notice when someone says “I saw your work at such and such, and I came to see for myself”. A hobo could say that to me and I’m over the moon. Because positive attention is …so positive! And this week I’m really over the moon because Cat Morley of Cut Out + Keep chose me to be this week’s Jewelry Superstar! Me! peanut & olive! Please don’t think I’m bragging, it’s more like I’m so stunned. When Cat first contacted me I thought, I’m no superstar, but YES, I’d love to be featured.



If you’re the crafty sort, then you’re probably familiar with Cut Out + Keep. The site is chock full of projects and ideas their members want to share with the world. I’ve been to the site hundreds of times, and yet, prior to Cat’s email, I had not joined or uploaded any projects. Why? Because I thought writing tutorials were hard, and even harder to get published on another site. Because I thought no one would see me in an ocean full of talented little fish. Because I thought being noticed could be scary. Remember, I’ve already admitted I’m a slow learner.

That's me, #16!

That’s me, #16!

OK, now it really sounds like I’m bragging. So I’m keeping it short today, so you can go check out Cut Out + Keep. And if you have a chance, check out this little video clip; I think it might help explain why I’m feeling so privileged. They’re featuring one project a day from me starting today, all the way thru Sunday. Some of these tutes have been posted before, but a couple I made just for them. Today’s project? Button Brooches!

So enjoy your day! As for me, I’ve got to come up with a new tute or two. And wait for my phone & internet provider to come out and find out why my service keeps going out every 5 minutes. Amazingly, it hasn’t cut off during the whole time i was writing post. It is going to be a wonderful day!

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