Do these earrings make my butt look fat?

If you’re reading this, you’re online. And if you’ve been online, even for a little while, I know you’ve done it. Whether you initiated it, or someone emailed it to you, it popped up in your Facebook feed, landed on your Pinterest, or however you came across it, you did it. You laughed. At what? You laughed at someone wearing something totally inappropriate. I recently saw a FB post and, while I gawked in amazement of how a size 2 pair of shorts became a thong on a size 20 woman, I saw a reader comment about how her back tattoo was off centered. I never noticed. I mean really, what self-respecting tattoo artist can’t center a tramp stamp? She should get her money back!

That's just wrong

That’s just wrong

The rest of us are more self-conscious, and we ask a lot of questions. “Does this look O.K. on me?” “Does this match my skin tone?” “Is this too dainty for my features?”  “Can I wear this color in the summer?”  Sometimes I wonder why people ask me these things, like I am a fashion consultant or a beauty expert. I want to say “Hey folks, I just make the stuff!”  No, I would never say that, and I think of my jewelry as more than just “stuff“. All we want is a little reassurance that we are choosing something appropriate. There is so much in the media about what to wear, what’s in, what’s not, how to look your best, etc, it’s no wonder that we are all so insecure. Even some of the beading magazines I read have articles about scaling jewelry to body size. What kind of jewelry would you recommend for a Sherman tank like me?  I bet it’s not diamond studs! Why can’t we just wear what we want? Within reason, of course. There are some things I think no woman should wear in public; tube tops come to mind. Once you’ve hit the training bra stage, you need to put the tube tops away, ladies. Unless YOU want to be the one all over the internet, wearing something totally inappropriate. I ponder these issues because of some questions I was recently asked.

button rings

Does this ring look too big on my pinkie?

“Well, I can still see your pinkie.” No, I would never say that! What I did say was “Do YOU like it on your pinkie? Does it feel good on your pinkie? Can you do what you have to do with it on your pinkie?” And Miss Lady promptly started typing on her keyboard with the ring on. Yes, SHE likes it on her pinkie. Yes, it feels good on her pinkie. Yes, she can do what she has to do with it on her pinkie. Now she has a lovely ring to decorate that awesome pinkie!

button ring

Silver doesn’t look good on me, does it?

“The problem’s not the silver, it’s you.” Man, I wouldn’t even think that! “What color do YOU think looks good on you?” She thinks the gold and vintage bronze looks better on her, and now she is sporting a stunning volcano ring with a band that makes her fabulous fingers look fantastic.

When I loose weight, will you make these rings fit me?

When I lose weight, will you make these rings fit me?

“You’ve got four other fingers.” O.K., I did say that. But only because I found the question… different. I mean, if you lost so much weight that your jeans didn’t fit anymore, would you take them back to the store to exchange them? I didn’t think so. Which is why I then said, “If you lose so much weight that your rings don’t fit, You should just buy new ones!” Which is what I would do, if we were talking about jeans. But the point is, she loves her new rings and she want to wear them for a long time. And that makes me feel good, so yes, I’ll make those rings fit when she loses the weight.

The first festival I ever participated in was a miserable event. I had shoplifters, kids constantly running in and out of my tent, food and drinks left on my tables… it was bad. Towards the end of the day, a young lady with a crying toddler stopped in front of my booth. She looked tired, and obviously her baby was. I told her to sit down and rest, so she did. And she fell in love with a necklace and matching earrings. I thought they were too mature for someone her age and I told her so. “But I love them. Maybe my boyfriend can loan me some money.” When her boyfriend showed up, she asked him for the necklace.”That’s pretty, but money’s kind of tight sweetheart.” So I showed her some less expensive pieces, but she wanted that necklace. With the earrings. “May I try them on?” And when she did, that necklace had never been more beautiful. She looked like royalty. I couldn’t argue with her anymore. He bought her the necklace. And the earrings.

So the point to all my ramblings? If you like it, wear it. If it makes you feel special, go right ahead. You have that right, no matter what TV, fashion magazines, or so-called experts say. Wear what makes you happy

Even the tube top, if you must. But when you see people posting rude comments on your picture all over the internet, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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Dear Mr. Groundhog

pplease don't see your shadowDear Mr. Groundhog,

    May I call you Phil? Either way is O.K. with me. Tomorrow is your special day, when all of America turns to you for guidance and hope. You really should have more than one special day, as I’m sure you are just a fabulous little critter, ranking (in my opinion) right up there with the Easter Bunny! But alas, you have but one day, Groundhog Day, and I have but one request: PLEASE DON’T SEE YOUR SHADOW! I know, six more weeks of napping sounds good to you, but it stinks for the rest of us. Just saying. So let me end by wishing you the best Groundhog Day ever, and please don’t look down!



It snowed!

It snowed!


We don’t often get snow in this part of North Carolina, so whenever it’s in the forecast, I pretty much ignore it. Not gonna happen. Well, it happened. The peanut & olive went to school on Monday, and the rest of the week was cancelled. A six day weekend that they are going to have to make up. They ventured out once, made snow angels, and that was it. I only went out once, and only to deliver a bracelet to its’ new owner. Otherwise, I was perfectly content to stay home. Not to thrilled about the making three meals a day thing, though.

up close and personal

up close and personal

I did manage to get a few things done: set a date for my bracelet making class at A Peaceful Path, made a sign for Art Goddess in May, posted A LOT about WTF on March 1, and of course, carried on with my “bracelet a day” challenge for January.

Enjoy my weak graphics:


Art Goddess Sunshine Faire & Bazaar

Art Goddess Sunshine Faire & Bazaar

I am so not good with graphics, but Bonnie is kind to let me do them.

And the last of the bracelets. It’s been a lot of fun, and I’ve tried a lot of different ideas. As far as favorites, I don’t have just one. That’s like picking your favorite child, and my kids would be pretty sad to learn they got beat by a dog (not really). Do you have a favorite? I mean bracelet, that is, not child?

Whew! So what’s up for February? Just personal goals, like clean up from January. I will make something every day though. You might even see it here! So, what is your challenge for February?


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A lot of people set new goals for themselves at the start of a new year. Me? That’s way too much of a challenge. That would mean that I have successfully accomplished my goals from the previous year. I didn’t get any skinnier, richer, or smarter (well maybe a little smarter) last year. But in many ways, I think it was one of the best years of my life. I pursued my dream and built my little business. Gee, I should have made that my goal! So this year, I made no lofty resolutions. I decided to just keep going. So far so good. I did give myself a little challenge for January. I’m making a bracelet. Every day.

a bracelet a day

a bracelet a day

All because I want to give a class in February. I made a few of these as examples. Then I thought, why not make a bracelet a day? OK, some days I make two or three. And it didn’t take me too long before I realized that this challenge was eating up my whole day. Every day. I’ve got to come up with an idea, gather my supplies, make the bracelet,  take some pictures, post them to Facebook, and then think of a new idea. I left out a step. Put the supplies back up. Yes, my work table is a wreck. Bills haven’t been paid. Quarterly taxes haven’t been filed. My checkbook is buried here somewhere (which is why bills haven’t been paid). But have a peek at what I have done!

Week 1


Week 2


Week 3

And a peek at Week 4

day 22 bracelet

day 22 bracelet

For those of you who make resolutions, set goals, and track your progress, I wish you luck. As for me, I have to plan another bracelet.

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