Stamping on Fabric

Today I’m stamping on fabric, because when it comes to packaging, I like pretty. And I think hand stamped cloth bags are awfully pretty. And since I’ve been needing more packaging, I’ve been eyeing these bags on Uline.

aren't they lovely?

I think these bags are perfect to try stamping on fabric!

Plain Jane cotton blend bags that you can stamp on. Continue reading

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New Rubber Stamps!

Just a little note, I received some stamps from Karaku Tokyo, and I couldn’t be happier! Karaku has a little shop on Etsy, and a Tokyo site, and they have the most beautiful stamps, cloths, papers, boxes, etc. I love both sites, especially Karaku Tokyo, just for the crazy translation. Everything is simplified. So check out these stamps, and check out their shop,!

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notes from the work room


kinston festival 002

Just a few pics from what I’ve been working on- mainly my booth displays. Some dress forms waiting to be, well, dressed.


A banner I made for my table.

kinston festival 020

Can you see the little dress on top of my shutters? Love them! Will follow up hopefully tomorrow with some detail, but now it’s time to cook supper!

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Ring Trays

I know you’ve seen them on Pinterest- hand-made jewelry displays. I can’t stop looking for them, hoping to find the one that says to me “I’m beautiful, cheap and easy”. Yea, I like cheap and easy. Who doesn’t? Seeing as I have a lot of rings, and they do well at shows, I thought I’d try my hand at making a few ring trays. If I looked hard enough around this house, I’d probably have enough frames for about 50 trays, but instead, I went to the dollar store, and then to that mega store where everything is priced cheap because it is cheap.I tried making them with quilt batting (too soft), fun foam (too colorful), and book pages (too fragile). So this is what I have now:

ring trays 001

book page ring tray

book page ring tray






They are so not perfect. “If you seek perfection, you shall surely be disappointed.” That’s my mantra. It’s useful when you have children. Oh, back to the ring trays. Cheap? The frames were $1, the batting was $4, fun foam $1, muslin $2 a yard… so you decide. I’ve got enough batting and fabric to make about 3 more, so I don’t think it was too terribly expensive. While the book page tray is my favorite, you can see I’ve already torn it, so I’ll just keep it at home for a prop. So the rest of the trays make it possible to sort the rings by size, which is real helpful to the potential customer. Here’s how I tackled the signage:

ring trays 006 ring trays 008 ring trays 016


Velcro is a wonderful thing. I use a lot of it.

So the trays can stand up and be seen at a distance, or laid down as one would like to try the rings on. and the signs can be pulled off when it’s time to pack up.

See you at the fair!


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